German Insurance System

In Germany some types of insurance are mandatory: for example, health and vehicles insurance.The most important insurance for you to have in Germany is third-party private liability insurance. The essence of it is that the third party (insurance company) will be responsible for all losses you have caused in case of neglectful behaviour.

Casual carelessness involves a variety of acts: breaking a glass in a café, or provoking an accident when not taking traffic lights into account, or whatever else. If you have a pet, for example a dog or a horse, you have to insure them separately, so that in case they caused trouble you can receive a compensation from insurance company and pay out losses. Third-party private liability insurance ensures protection for people with different activities (like driving, sailing, etc.). However, it does not insure hunting, for which different insurance policies are needed.

The duration of third-party private liability insurance is usually either three or five years. It should be noted that you cannot cancel your contract before the end of term. So it would be better to use an annual insurance, which can be prolonged or cancelled at the end of the year and leaves you with more space for choice.

Another useful type of insurance is household insurance, which can compensate you for the loss or damage to your property. The term of property here includes nearly everything: household appliances, clothes, dishes, windows and so on and so forth. However, if there is someone else’s property located on the territory of your household, it has to be insured by its owner, not by you.

The insurance policies are paid to you if your possessions were damaged as a result of water/ fire accidents, burglary, and hooliganism. You should remember that you have to inform your insurance company if you are leaving your home for more than sixty days.

If you hire a flat or a house, you have to bear in mind that your household insurance will not compensate you for the damage of the flat or the house.

If you possess expensive things, you can use complex insurance policies, which encompasses various types of damage.

For cyclists in Germany insurance is almost mandatory, as the number of bicycle thefts is quite large. It is also useful to have such insurance if you have two or more bicycles. Some insurance policies may include bicycle insurance, but not all of them, sometimes you have to do it separately.

Self-employed people must insure their working equipment by themselves, while usually this is done by an employer.
As in the previous case the duration of the household insurance is either three or five years and you cannot cancel your contract before it ends. So, again, it’s better to use an annual insurance in order the have a possibility to quit if you want.

A very useful insurance for foreigners in Germany is legal assistance insurance. It frequently happens that foreigners face various situations (conflicts with employers, neighbors, road accidents, etc.), which are different from how they can be dealt with at their home countries. Legal assistance insurance compensates you for all court expenses. It should be noted that trials in Germany are expensive. All fees are to be paid beforehand. The amount of fees usually depends upon the disputed sum. For example, if it accounts for 10 000 euros, the fees can be up to even 9 000 euros. So, if you have the legal assistance insurance, the insurance company will pay out your expenses. Also, such insurance usually covers the loss of driving license, losses caused by conflicts with tax authorities, landlords, inheritance advices, etc. However, family issues are not included.

You may also use insurance for death and disablement. People usually try to avoid even thinking about it, but it’s obvious that life is too unexpected to be careless about it. The amount of money paid to your family in case of your accidental death or life-threatening injury exceeds your annual income by five to six times.

In case of injuries such as loss of a finger the compensation is equal to thirty per cent of your annual income, for the loss of a leg – fifty per cent, for total blindness – 100 per cent.

You can also use term life insurance, as it provides your family with compensation after your death. The compensation is paid for any cause of death. The insurance itself is not expensive. In order to get it you have to provide the insurance company with your medical history.

If you travel much, annual travel insurance will be quite useful. It provides you with complex insurance for each journey. You face no restrictions on where to travel, how and how many times. If your trip is supposed to take longer than forty-two days, you will have to inform your insurance company beforehand.

The annual travel insurance will pay you back in case you need to finish your journey earlier than you have planned. If your trip costs you more than 500 euros, the insurance company can compensate the refuse to go on a trip, but such service is not common and is negotiated separately.It would be wise to buy the annual travel insurance which provides compensations for hospital treatment and emergency costs.

Also, if you have lost your travel baggage (or it was stolen), the insurance company usually pays back the cost of your possessions.

Insurance companies offer a very wide range of services. For more information it is better to contact them directly.

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Ethics – The Biggest Casualty in Journalism Today!

When it comes to arrogance, power and lacks of accountability, journalists are probably the only people on planet who make lawyers look good”- Steven Brill. Here there is no offence meant to legal fraternity as I quote journalist in the beginning and media entrepreneur Steven Brill. But, let us think that if anybody writing a book on lawyers’ ethics uses the words “journalists” and “lawyers” in reverse order then the full meaning and observation changes. In this way the professional criminals adopts devious means to get their work done.

Nowadays, Ethics is increasingly becoming a myth or it can be said as rare commodity day by day among the journalists. There are many deep-rooted reasons for that. We know about the old conflict of journalism which pitted against corporate ownership and financial considerations. Besides all this, ethics has been relegated by the combined forces of mediocrity, irresponsibility, callousness, unprofessionalism, etc. Not only in journalism, but there are many who are indirectly related to media does unprofessionalism and use media as a dishonest means to make their job done. Almost everybody amongst us tries to achieve their goal and make their position concrete by short-cut ways. There are very few who maintains honesty in their personal as well as in professional life.

Let me give you a clear example. During coverage in mid-2004 in Kolkata, rape and murder and rape convict Dhanonjoy Chatterjee was hanged to death on 14th August, 2004. The run-up to the hanging coverage by media was out to make a strong capital out of capital punishment. The hangman and the hanged became the focus of all for months to play up the event for boosting circulation and TRP. Now, what kind of name or term can be given to media for this type of act of coverage? It may only be called as a mere “media circus”. There is no harm if media pounces upon some issues or matters boosting TRP but when media uses unethical means and does unprofessionalism just only to achieve high TRP, journalism and journalists both lose their position, trust and esteem before people’s eyes. There are many such news coverages which are really an unethical one.

Journalists are entrusted with a special responsibility to report the news honestly and fairly. Uncompromised objectivity is necessary if any news or article or you may say any publication is to retain the respect and recognition of its readers.

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It’s Not Too Late to Reinvent Yourself

As the mother with two daughters, I constantly told them that their futures are limitless and that they were strong, creative, and amazing young women. I banged that drum so long and loud that I think they got the message as they are now young adults and leaving my home to start their own lives. Unfortunately, I didn’t always “walk the talk” because the image I held of myself was too often shaped by my fear of what other thought (or might think) of me. It’s still a struggle to overcome the perceived judgments that other may make about me, but I’ve learned that I am responsible for my happiness and am the only person who can set limits on my dreams and what I ultimately achieve.

When I set out to run my first 5K, I’m sure nobody thought twice about it. No grand achievement to be sure. When I ran my first half marathon, it probably got some attention but naysayers likely figured that I’d reached the limits of my ability. When I became a marathoner, I’d be willing to bet the critics abounded with their judgments that I was “too slow” or “wasting my time” – or, quite possibly – any number of less polite remarks. However, when I started running ultra marathons and even finished my first 100 miler, I have no doubt that tongues wagged and the incredulous question was asked, “Who does she think she is?!”

I’m not the type of person who likes to attract attention – especially any sort of negative attention. Frankly, telling my running stories is uncomfortable for me because I still worry how I am perceived. However, I willingly accept the risk of being misunderstood and criticism for being boastful if it reaches even one woman who chooses to make a positive change in her life as a result.

Here’s the simple truth: I love running and motivating other women to run. It’s rewarding to see a passion ignited. But it’s not just about running. It’s about overcoming your fears, allowing yourself to believe you are capable of some dream bigger than you dream today, and not being afraid to fail as many times as it takes to realize your dream. The reason I feel the need to share my stories is to prove that, if I achieve more than most people have judged me capable of accomplishing, then you can, too.

Spreading the word has been incredibly rewarding. A friend shared with me that she was inspired to go back to school to pursue education that she’d put off. Another friend told me that she challenged a group of women in her neighborhood to choose a goal that would improve and enrich their lives or the lives of others. They have become “accountability buddies” by helping each other stay focused and motivated. It’s stories like those that absolutely make my heart sing and let me know that my stories are worth sharing and can help others find their hidden inner strengths.

So I’d ask you to answer this simple question: “Who do you think you are?”

Linda Banks is a published author and the owner of Run Inspired Designs, Inc. — a line of Wearable Inspiration jewelry to motivate and inspire women. Ms. Banks seeks to empower women to develop the courage to pursue greatness without hesitation.

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15 Encouragements To Never Be Afraid

Never be afraid when life is scary, because the mind provides options, and can steer the heart past fear toward courage, which is hope, a faithful ally.

Never be afraid of stepping out of a boat when the One who owns the ocean is ready to hold you afloat.

… and another like it…

Never be afraid of climbing out on a limb when there is Someone ready to catch you should you fall.

Never be afraid to smile when you’re tempted to frown, for a frown disempowers everyone, but with a smile you’ll warm anyone open to possibilities.

Never be afraid of being caught in a situation you know you can only be vindicated in.

Never be afraid of letting someone off the hook when they expect condemnation; that moment they see Jesus.

Never be afraid of giving yourself up as if that’s the only way to joy; the quickest, surest way to joy is to disappear to yourself.

Never be afraid to take a risk in the present for a future that invests in people.

Never be afraid of saying no, for in saying no power rises for saying yes.

Never be afraid in the midst of terror, in the face of anxiety, for the heart has piqued the mind for some reason, and it’s the mind’s task to discover it.

Never be afraid to listen, for knowledge is only gained when we listen, and ignorance is proffered to those who don’t.

Never be afraid to give up something bad to gain something good, because something good always comes when we give up something bad.

Never be afraid when time collides and priorities swarm, where resources are swallowed up. God is trying to say, “Rest, my little one… ”

Never be afraid as a new season approaches, because change leaves us feeling isolated, but change is the only way we can be liberated.

Never be afraid when you feel small and insignificant. The God of time and everything brought you into being and you matter to Him as much as anyone ever has or ever will.

Get it?

Never be afraid.

Steve Wickham holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and

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Medical Marijuana Advocate Against Arresting American Citizens

My name is Sam Shakespeare of Boca Raton, Florida. I am a strong advocate and proponent of medical marijuana. The disparity of laws across the nation are causing unnecessary harm to families. What some American citizens can freely participate in, others are going to jail for and families are being broken apart.

We are learning more and more about marijuana every day. The discovery of the body’s Endocannabinoid System was a major breakthrough for the science of medical marijuana. The Endocannabinoid System is a series of cannabinoid receptors located throughout the brain and central nervous system that are interconnected to the body’s immune system, and only interact with compounds found in marijuana.

We are finding that medical marijuana can be a safe and effective treatment for the symptoms of AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, pain, epilepsy and glaucoma.

New research has been revealed…

A study by the University of Nottingham shows how certain chemical compounds found in cannabis may help to reduce brain damage following a stroke.

The National Cancer Institute’s research has found how cannabis can actually protect brain cells against the development of certain types of brain tumors…

This one is a little “science-ey”, but a National Institute of Health study finds marijuana may provide a method of resuscitation from cardiac arrest…

In fact, marijuana has over thousands of years of medical use in human history and not even one death has been attributed to the herb. Simply because of the fact that there is no lethal dose makes marijuana a much more viable and safer option for treatment to a variety of ailments and diseases. We know that the use of medical marijuana can replace the use of certain legal prescription drugs that have serious side effects, like accidental death from overdose, yet these legal prescription drugs remain legal even though they are much more harmful to the human body.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more people died from drug overdoses in 2014 than any year on record. The majority of those overdoses involve prescription opioids or pain pills (OxyContin, Percocet,. Hydrocodone, etc.) Since 1999, prescription opioids sold in the US has nearly quadrupled, and so has the number of opioid overdoses. Many of these “pain pill” deaths could have been prevented with the use of medical marijuana. In 2014, more than 14,000 people died from overdoses involving prescribed pain pills.

But the real tragedy concerning medical marijuana is the United States War on Drugs. It has allowed the federal and various state and local governments across the country to take up military arms against its own citizens. It has justified the militarization of police forces across the country. For a country that claims to be the Land of the Free, we incarcerate more of our own citizens than any other country in the world. The United States of America has about 2% of the world’s population, but it has 25% of the world’s prison population, most of them being nonviolent drug offenders. Over 50% of those being marijuana charges. That’s right, marijuana arrests now account for over half of all drug arrests in the United States of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 in 2010, 80% were for simply possessing marijuana.

And the US taxpayer has been footing the bill. According to the US War on Drugs cost the American taxpayer over $51 billion annually. As it currently already costs over $30,000 to imprison one person for one year.

If the war on drugs was working, it should make drugs more scarce, hence driving prices up. In reality, drug prices have stayed about the same over the past 20 years, showing the War on Drugs has had literally no effect on the black market of illegal drugs. The only thing the War on Drugs has been successful at is arresting and imprisoning our citizens at an alarming rate. The one sure way to wipe out an illegal black market is to legalize the very thing that has been made illegal. In this way certain states are already catching on and adding millions and millions to their tax revenues every year. While their citizens are enjoying the true meaning of freedom.

While some of our citizens are enjoying freedom, others that get arrested for having marijuana may lose a job or lose public benefits or lose their education funding. Maybe even worse, they go to jail and are separated from their children and their family. What effect does that have on that family and those kids? These children are getting shortchanged because of an ill-conceived law. Currently over 50% of the American population supports full legalization of marijuana. It’s time to legalize and stop arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for choosing an herb that is less dangerous than all other available options. We know that alcohol kills over 600,000 people every year and cigarettes kill over 1 million people. As a reminder marijuana has never been attributed to even one death. Yet somehow the authorities say “we need more data… ” We have data, thousands of years of data. What is interesting to me is why were we not this cautious with alcohol and cigarettes.

For these reasons and many more, I, Sam Shakespeare, of Boca Raton, Florida remain a strong advocate for the legalization and use of medical marijuana for all humanity. Personal freedom is a basic right.

Here is a study by the University of Nottingham…

Here is the National Cancer Institute’s website explaining how cannabis can actually protect brain cells against the development of certain types of brain tumors…

Samuel Shakespeare of Boca Raton, Florida is against arresting American citizens for marijuana.

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